January 15, 2022
With A Soil Displacement Hammer Like The NODIG Mole, You Can Install Buried Cables, Conduits And Small Pipes Without Digging-Up Roads, Driveways And Footpaths!

Get Rid Of The Reinstatement Cost & Keep The Profit In-House!

Great Features Of The NO DIG Mole, An Under Road Boring Tool For Sale

All NO DIG Moles features the convenience of a quarter turn forward and reverse control. Operators can quickly change direction by simply rotating the air supply hose quarter of a turn to reverse the tool with full air supply.

Powerful Hammer Head

The hammer head provides the Grundomat Under Road Boring NO DIG Moles rapid penetration and accurate direction even in the toughest soil conditions.

Great Durability And Reliability

NO DIG Mole utilises a bare minimum of moving parts which ensures greater durability and reliability.

Fewer moving parts ensures the Grundomat Under Road Boring Mole last very long and it makes it easier to service on site.